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Homework #3 -- Common Names

5 points

Due by Tuesday, September 7, 2010.

Humans seem to have a passion for naming things.  Names are essential to language.  They allow us to communicate with each other about ourselves and our environment.   According to a Chinese proverb, "The beginning of knowledge is getting things by their right name!"

The common names of insects often reflect characteristics of the organism or ways it may relate to our culture.  A species often has different common names in different languages, and may even have more than one common name in a single language.  Scientific names are more precise:  there is only one scientific name for each species and that name is the same in all languages.

The dozen insects listed below each have more than one common name.  For each name in "List A", find a name in "List B" that refers to the SAME insect.  Then identify the order to which the insect belongs (from those in "List C").  Type the corresponding letter in the blank space for each answer, rather than the complete word.


List A
Common Names
Common Names
from List B
Order Name
from List C
 1. Cow Killer
 2. Doodlebug
 3. Devil's darning needle
 4. White man's fly
 5. Harvestfly
 6. Electric light bug
 7. Tumblebug
 8. Mahogany flats
 9. Plant louse
10. Greenhead
11. Seam squirrel
12. Curculio


List B
(Common Names)
List C
(Order Names)
A.  Aphid A.  Coleoptera
B.  Cicada B.  Diptera
C.  Bed bug C.  Hymenoptera
D.  Velvet ant D.  Neuroptera
E.  Body louse E.  Hemiptera
F.  Weevil F.  Odonata
G.  Honey bee G.  Phthiraptera
H.  Dragonfly  
I.  Diving bug  
J.  Ant lion  
K.  Dung beetle  
L.  Deer fly  


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