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Homework #4 -- External Cross-Sections

6 points

Due by Monday, September 15, 2014 or at
the beginning of class on Tuesday, September 16, 2014.

Draw three cross-sections of the grasshopper shown in the drawing below:  one through the mid-point of its head, one through the mid-point of its thorax, and one through the mid-point of its abdomen.  Label all major sclerites (e.g. gena, notum, sternum, etc.) and other external structures (e.g. eyes, mouthparts, etc.).  Make sure you know the difference between a cross-section (transverse section) and a sagittal section (longitudinal section).  Your drawing should be bilaterally symmetrical and should include only those structures that intersect the cross-sectional plane.  Save copies of your drawings -- you will add internal features later.

Submit your answers in class (preferably) or e-mail to
If you choose to submit via e-mail, save your drawings in PDF format.