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Homework #8 -- Grasshoppers on Steroids

5 points

Due by Monday, November 10, 2014.

The swarming behavior of migratory locusts is legendary!  Under the right ecological circumstances, these ubiquitous grasshoppers can transform into a marauding horde that eats everything in sight.  In this assignment, you will learn about the environmental signals that trigger this transformation and how a single species can affect other members of the food web.  Start by logging in to Moodle, then click on each of the links below.  After viewing both documentaries, take a short quiz about the topic in order to earn your homework points.  A link to that quiz is at the bottom of this page (this is NOT a proctored quiz so you may take it at any time).

Part I:  Desert Locusts

Part II:  Rocky Mountain Locusts


Locust Quiz