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This is an ongoing assignment.  It is due by 3:00 p.m. on December 3, 2014.        Collection instructions



There will be at least 125 points possible on homework/worksheets/discussions over the semester.  Of these, a maximum of 100 points can count toward the final grade.  All point-generating assignments are password-protected and may be accessed only through the Moodle venue:  These assignments are intended to facilitate learning, not to evaluate achievement.  They are correlated with lesson objectives in each course Module and must be submitted by midnight of the day on which the module ends (see schedule below).  Late assignments are not accepted for a grade.

Module number Topic Start Date End Date
1 Orientation Aug. 19 Aug. 28
2 Importance of Insects Aug. 19 Sept. 3
3 Systematics & Taxonomy Aug. 26 Sept. 9
4 External Anatomy Sept. 9 Sept. 15
5 Growth & Development Sept. 16 Sept. 22
6 Internal Anatomy & Physiology Sept. 23 Oct. 6
7 Insect Behavior Oct. 13 Oct. 27
8 Insect Ecology Oct. 28 Nov. 10
9 Insects as Pests Nov. 12 Nov. 19
10 Control Tactics Nov. 20 Dec. 3






Lab Practicals: