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Orientation Worksheet

5 Points
(each error costs 0.25 point)

1.   What is the maximum number of "homework" points that will count toward your grade in ENT 425?

2.   Which score will be dropped when calculating your final grade?

3.   All make-up quizzes and exams are in    format and given .

4.   Which course resources are located on Moodle?
 Grade book
 Discussion topics

5.   In your insect collection, a single specimen may fulfill:
 Only one taxonomic category
 More than one taxonomic category
 Only one ecological category
 More than one ecological category

6.   Every insect submitted in your collection must have:
 A date/locality (D/L) label
 An identification (ID) label
 An ecological label

7.   Which insects should be submitted in a vial of alcohol?
 All immature insects (like caterpillars and maggots)
 All very small insects (like thrips and lice)
 All soft-bodied insects (like aphids and termites)
 All non-insects (like spiders and pillbugs)

8.   Which of these insects has the pin (red dot) correctly positioned in the body?

9.   On a date/locality label the collector's name should be the line of the label.

10.   On a date/locality label, what is the correct format for a collection date of June 5, 2009?

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