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Ecology Worksheet

5 Points
(each error costs 0.25 point)

1.   Identify the correct term for each feeding strategy:
  a.  Consumes multiple prey items over its lifetime
  b.  Feeds on another insect's stored resources
  c.  Collects plant nectar or resins
  d.  Attacks and kills a single host over its lifetime
  e.  Induces the formation of plant galls

2.   Put a check mark by each pair of insects that are in the same feeding guild:
Grasshopper and planthopper  
Caterpillar and katydid  
Corn earworm and corn rootworm  
Leafhopper and aphid  
Bumble bee and honey bee  

3.   Put a check mark by each insect that is a saprophage:
Cockroach Aphid
Termite Blow fly maggot
Springtail Carrion beetle

4.   Diapause can be defined as a physiological state that is characterized by reduced   .   It is an important adaptation that often aids     during adverse environmental conditions.   Diapause is usually induced by sensory cues (like day-length or food quality) that influences the levels of certain     long before any unfavorable conditions occur.

5.   Identify which insect employs each of these defensive tactics:
   Urticating hairs
   Reflex bleeding
   Cryptic coloration
   Aposematic coloration

6.   Put a check mark by each ecological event that is density-dependent:
Parasitism Flooding
Predation Competition
Freezing Wildfire

7.   Put a check mark by each form of inter-specific interaction:
Territorial behavior  
Character displacement  
Competitive exclusion  
Dominance hierarchy  

8.   When a population is stable, the value of the Replacement Rate ("R") is equal to   .   Values of "R" between zero and one indicate that a population is   .   For most pest species, the value of "R" is   .

9.   Given unlimited resources, an insect population's growth curve will be   .   Given limited resources the growth curve is usually   .   Maximum sustainable density is limited by the     of the environment.

10.   Put a check mark by each time interval that exceeds 50 day-degrees of physiological time.   Assume a developmental threshold of 40o F.
18 hours at a constant temp. of 91o F.  
36 hours at an average temp. of 75o F.  
3 days at a constant temp. of 57o F.  
2 days at an average temp of 62o F.  

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