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Pest Worksheet

5 Points
(each error costs 0.25 point)

1.   Whenever insects compete with us for space or resources, we regard them as   .  Economic pests cause loss of    whereas nuisance pests merely cause   .   Pests of medical importance may cause   .

2.   List the four essential components of a zoonosis:
  A.  The agent that causes an infectious disease
  B.  The source responsible for repeated infections of "A"
  C.  A victim of infection by "A"
  D.  The means of transport between "B" & "C"

3.   Put a check mark by each insect that can vector a human disease:
Hornet Ant Black fly
Sand fly Body louse Mosquito
Flea Lacewing Assassin bug

4.   Identify the correct term:
  a.  An irrational fear of insects
  b.  A serious allergic reaction to a bite or sting
  c.  Any infectious disease transmitted by an animal

5.   Damage is defined as the     lost to the commodity as a result of injury by the pest.   Any level of pest infestation causes   ,   but not all such levels cause   .

6.   Put a check mark by each potential cause of an insect pest outbreak:
Resistance to insecticides  
Importation from abroad  
Rapid spread of an invasive plant  
Loss of natural enemies  
Lower tolerance for damage  

7.   The     is always lower than the    to allow enough time for    to be implemented.

8.   Put a check mark by each sampling method that would be appropriate for mobile, soil-dwelling insects:
Berlese funnel Pitfall trap
Sweepnet Light trap

9.   Identify each of these distribution patterns:

10.   Put a check mark by each condition under which a sequential sampling scheme would be advantageous (in time and labor) over a conventional sampling scheme:
Very low mean population density
Very high mean population density
Intermediate population density
Highly clumped or variable population density

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