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Management Worksheet

5 Points
(each error costs 0.25 point)

1.   Quarantine is a legal tactic used to:
Punish careless pesticide applicators
Slow the spread of invasive species
Eradicate native insect pests
Justify inspections of imported plants and animals

2.   Put a check mark by each example of a cultural control tactic:
Plowing under corn stubble after harvest
Pruning tent caterpillar nests out of fruit trees
Post-harvest fumigation to kill insect eggs
Crop rotation from legumes to small grains

3.   Put a check mark by each characteristic of a "good" biocontrol agent:
Broad host range
High fecundity
Short handling time
Climatic adaptability
Large body size

4.   The sterile male technique works best when used on insect pests that:
Have small or restricted geographic distributions
Have small population size
Can be easily mass reared
Mate several times before laying eggs

5.   Identify the correct term for each definition:
  a. a physical property of the plant that deters feeding.
  b. a chemical property of the plant that is unfavorable for insect growth or development .
  c. a plant's ability to withstand injury without significant loss of yield

6.   Identify the correct category for each of these componds:
   Juvenile hormone analogue
   DEET (repellent)
   Sex pheromone

7.   A systemic insecticide might be a good choice for controlling which of the following pests?
Whiteflies on a privet hedge
Plum curculio on peaches
Botflies on dairy cattle
Leaf miners on a holly bush
Cat fleas on a dog

8.   LD50 is a measure of an insecticide's   .   A Category 1 insecticide generally has an acute oral LD50 value of   .
As the LD50 value increases, the compound's hazard to a human applicator   .

9.   Put a check mark by each "signal word" that must appear on the label of a Category 1 insecticide:
Warning Danger
Poison Caution

10.   Resistance to an insecticide is most likely to develop quickly when it is inherited as a    allele and there is high mortality among    individuals in the population.   Selective pressure for resistance can be reduced by rotating among insecticides with different   .

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