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Course Modules

The course is divided into ten lesson modules.  Each module has a list of reading assignments, a homework project, a worksheet, a discussion topic, and (except for Module #1) a laboratory activity.  Items with asterisks (*) are required.  Note that homeworks, worksheets, and discussions are marked with asterisks, but are still subject to the homework policy listed in the syllabus.

For dates to guide you through the modules during the semester, see the schedule for learning modules.

Module 1 - Orientation

Module 2 - Importance of Insects

Module 3 - Systematics and Taxonomy

Module 4 - External Anatomy

Module 5 - Growth and Development

Module 6 - Internal Anatomy and Physiology

Module 7 - Insect Behavior

Module 8 - Insect Ecology

Module 9 - Insects as Pests

Module 10 - Control Tactics