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Learning Objectives

Lesson #3 -- Systematics and Taxonomy


  1. Explain how arthropods differ from other animal phyla such as Annelida and Onychophora.
  2. List the major subphyla of arthropods.  Name representative members of each subphylum and describe the physical characteristics that distinguish them.
  3. Compare the basic morphological organization of an insect with that of an arachnid, a crustacean, and a myriapod.
  4. Identify the scientific name and any common names associated with each order of insects.
  5. Describe the physical features and distinguishing characteristics for each order of insects.
  6. Identify the ecological role and describe the economic importance (if any) for each order of insects.
  7. Describe the phylogenetic (evolutionary) relationships within the Class Insecta and identify close relatives of each insect order.