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Learning Objectives

Lesson #4-- External Anatomy


  1. Identify the cellular and acellular layers of an insect's exoskeleton, explain the function of each component, and explain the difference between membranes and sclerites.
  2. Distinguish between apodemes and apophyses and give examples of each.
  3. Name the major parts of an insect's head capsule, including sclerites, sutures, and appendages.
  4. Describe the structure of primitive mandibulate mouthparts and explain how they have changed in structure and function as a result of adaptive radiation in different groups of insects.
  5. Identify the principle external features of the thorax and abdomen using a specimen or a drawing.
  6. Name the five segments of an insect's leg and describe physical adaptations that equip a leg for running, jumping, swimming, digging, or catching prey.
  7. Describe the general structure of insect wings and explain how their movement is controlled by direct and indirect flight muscles.
  8. Name the external structures that may be associated with an insect's abdomen and explain the function of each one.