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Distance-Education Students

All non-degree, lifelong, or continuing education students (i.e. anyone not currently enrolled in a degree program) should register with the University as a Non-Degree Studies (NDS) student.  Registration forms and other information can be found at:

If you are taking this course through Distance Education, start with Module #1.  Click the tab for Course Materials and then click Modules in the blue navigation bar.  Module #1 begins with the course syllabus, gives you a general overview of assignments and requirements, and provides a step-wise series of activities to insure that you complete the require learning objectives.  The entire course is divided into ten of these lesson modules.  Each module has a list of reading assignments, a homework project, a worksheet, a discussion topic, and (except for Module #1) a laboratory activity.

All of your assignments and due dates are the same as for on-campus students, so it's important that you keep up with the schedule.  This course covers a large amount of material, involves some memorization, and includes hands-on (laboratory) activities that may involve some travel.  Collecting, mounting, and identifying insects for your collection will take a considerable amount of time beyond that which is needed for studying the lecture material.  If you are lazy, unmotivated, or tend to procrastinate, this course is not for you!  On the other hand, if you are conscientious and well-disciplined in your study habits, I can promise you a fascinating excursion through the largest and most diverse group of organisms to be found on Earth.