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Quiz 2 - Version B


 1.  The femur is the basal (proximal) segment in an insect's leg.

 2.  An apophysis is a "joint" between two sclerites.

 3.  Direct flight muscles are only associated with the downstroke
     of an insect's wing.

 4.  The cement layer of an insect's exoskeleton strengthens its

 5.  Frontal sutures separate the frons from the genae.

Multiple Choice:

 6.  In a male insect, which structure would lie above (dorsal to)
     the anus?
     A.  Epiproct                    C.  Aedeagus
     B.  Paraproct                   D.  Furca

 7.  What type of chemical monomer forms the backbone of a chitin
     A.  Lipid                       C.  Sugar
     B.  Quinone                     D.  Amino Acid

 8.  To which body segment are the halters attached?
     A.  Mesothorax                  C.  Prothorax
     B.  First abdominal             D.  Metathorax
 9.  Which structure lies between the buccal cavity and the
     A.  Labium                      C.  Cibarium
     B.  Labrum                      D.  Hypopharynx

10.  Which structure(s) would be found on an insect's pretarsus?
     A.  Trochanter                  C.  Furca
     B.  Empodium                    D.  All of these

11.  Indirect flight muscles cause wing movement by:
     A.  Moving thoracic sclerites
     B.  Pulling on axillary sclerites
     C.  Exerting hydrostatic pressure
     D.  All of these

12.  What is the maximum number of ocelli that may be found in
     an adult insect?
     A.  Zero                        C.  Five
     B.  Three                       D.  Twenty

13.  Which mouthparts lie between the labrum and the maxillae?
     A.  Hypopharynx                 C.  Labium
     B.  Mandibles                   D.  Palps

14.  Which sclerite lies below (ventral to) the frons?
     A.  Gena                        C.  Occiput
     B.  Clypeus                     D.  Labium

15.  A tormogen cell is always associated with a(n):
     A.  Spine                       C.  Apodeme
     B.  Gland                       D.  Seta


Use the following key to identify the location of each structure.

16.  Labrum                          A.  Antenna
                                     B.  Leg
17.  Scape                           C.  Ovipositor
                                     D.  Mouthparts
18.  Coxa

19.  Valvifer

20.  Arolium

Use the following key to identify the correct part of the integument.
     A.  Procuticle                  C.  Exocuticle
     B.  Epicuticle                  D.  Endocuticle

21.  Region associated with quinone crosslinkages.   
22.  Contains chitin and protein as major constituents.
23.  Site of wax and cement layers.  
24.  Region between epidermis and cuticulin layer.   
25.  Site where pile may be found.

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