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Spot ID Characters for the Family



Key Characters:

  • Proboscis (short and broad or long and slender) with chewing mouthparts at the tip
  • Antennae elbowed and arising near the middle of the proboscis

Picture Gallery

The most defining characteristic of the weevils is the proboscis, which can be short and wide or long and slender.  The chewing mouthparts are reduced in size and can be seen at the very end of the proboscis.  The head is prolonged and leans forward to fit into the snout, and the antennae protrude from the sides of the snout.  The 5-segmented tarsi are noticeable which help with identification.  As a common defense mechanism, these beetles will sing by rubbing their elytra against their abdomen.  The scarabaeiform larvae, also known as the white grub, can be seen burrowing in twigs, and large nuts.