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Spot ID Characters for the Family


Hawk Moths

To view close-ups, mouse over each moth in the left image.

Key Characters:

  • Body thick, hairy, and spindle-shaped
  • Antennae thickest near midpoint, sometimes bipectinate
  • Long, narrow forewings with a posterior angle greater than 120o
  • Hind wings much shorter than forewings

Picture Gallery

Hawk moths have a thick body that is covered in hairs and is pointed at the posterior and the anterior end.  The antenna is thickest at its midpoint and can be bipectinate in nature.  The hind wings are much shorter than the forewings.  The forewings are large enough to set off a posterior angle that is greater than 120 degrees.  Hawk moths are commonly referred to as the hummingbird moths.  This nickname was deemed due a long proboscis that allows these moths to gather nectar from flowers.