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On-Campus Students

If you are one of my on-campus students, start by browsing through the Course Materials tabs and the Resource Library tabs at the top of this page to get an idea of what resources are available to supplement your lectures and labs.  The Course Tutorial includes condensed summaries of all topics covered during lecture -- sort of a “Cliff's Notes” for the entire course.  The Compendium is one-stop shopping for the information you will need to know about each insect order.  The Spot ID section contains lots of pictures and hints that will help you learn to recognize the different groups of insects.   Self tests and copies of old quizzes and exams will help you assess how well you have learned the material.  And finally, the Assignments page will help you keep up with due dates for Homework and Discussion Topics.

This summer would be a good time to get started on your insect collection if you plan to take General Entomology in the fall semester.  You can preview the collection requirements and read my list of suggestions for summer collectors.

...and just for fun, check out my Top Ten Secrets for success in this course!