Spot ID Characters for the Order


Key Characters:

  • Rectangular stigma (pigmented patch) near tip of each wing
  • Large compound eyes
  • Short, bristle-like antennae
  • In damselflies, front and hind wings are stalked (narrow at
          the base) and similar in size and shape
  • In dragonflies, hind wings have an enlarged anal region
          (broader toward the base than front wings)
  • Common Families:

    Dragonflies (suborder Zygoptera)
  • Aeshnidae -- Darners
  • Libellulidae -- Common skimmers
  • Gomphidae -- Clubtails
  • Damselflies (suborder Anisoptera)
  • Coenagrionidae -- Narrowwinged damselflies
  • Lestidae -- Spreadwinged damselflies
  • Calopterygidae -- Broadwinged damselflies

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