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If you are visiting this website in search of information about the biology of insects, start with the Resource Library tab and then click on Tutorials in the pink menu bar.  There you will find a table of contents with all of the major topics I cover during the semester.  Each reading is an interactive summary of basic information -- sort of a “Cliff's Notes” for General Entomology students.  Click on the Compendium tab if you are looking for specific information about any of the 31 orders of insects.

If you came here looking for help with insect identification, start with SpotID (also on the pink menu bar under “Resource Library”).  This section of the website has photographs of the orders and common families of insects.  “Key characters” given for each group will help you distinguish one from another.

If you're searching for a specific topic or insect, you can enter a keyword (or two) in the search box near the upper right corner of this page.  The search should return a list of all occurrences of that keyword found on this website.  Warning: the search engine does not correct spelling errors!

All material on this website is copyrighted and intended for non-profit, educational use only.  Teachers and students may copy and use individual images or short excerpts of text as long as they clearly acknowledge the author and source:  John R. Meyer, North Carolina State University.  Any commercial use of these materials without prior permission of the author is expressly forbidden.