Buggy Reports

Objective: Become a "local expert" on at least two kinds of insects and share this "expertise" with other members of the class.

Method: Select a “Good Guy” and a “Bad Guy” from the suggestion list (one from each column) or get prior approval from the instructor for an insect of your choice.

Prepare a 1-2 page typewritten report describing the insect, its life history, distribution, economic or ecological importance, and any interesting facts or trivia you discover.

Include a short bibliography with a minimum of three resources.   You may use Internet sites (give the complete URL as well as the author or creator), but at least 50% of your citations should be from print sources.

Share your knowledge with fellow students in a three- to five-minute presentation during class.

Deadlines: Each student will do two "Buggy Reports".   The first one should be completed by the end of February; the second, by the end of March.

In April, all Buggy Reports will be duplicated and assembled into booklets for all participating students.   To facilitate this, please submit your report in the following format:
Cover page -- include only title and author's name
Body -- repeat title at top center of first page,
use a readable font,
leave 1.25-inch left margin for binding,
list references at the end

Here's an EXAMPLE!