Mimicry and Crypsis



Agressive Mimicry

Agressive mimics are those who emit a signal which is attractive to the species of which they are trying to attract. This usually increases the effectiveness of predation while lowering the risk of being preyed upon by other critters.




Batesian Mimicry

Batesian mimics are insects that are harmless. They resemble other unpalatable insects. This serves as protection from predation as they are seen as unplatatable and free from any further disturbance.

hover fly

bumble bee




Mullerian Mimicry

Unrelated species that are distasteful or otherwise protected come to resemble each other. Examples would include the monarch and viceroy butterflies. Which one is which??

monarch butterfly

viceroy butterfly





Patterning to "blend" in with the surroundings to be protected from predation.

katydid in Peru