General Background

Nature Guides

Identification Aides

Resource & Reference

General Background:

Beneath Our Feet
Nardi, J. B.   1988.   Chapter 5   In:   Close Encounters with Insects and Spiders.
Iowa State Univ. Press, Ames, IA.   pp. 143-164.
ISBN:   0-8138-1978-4

Life in a Bucket of Soil
Rhine, R.   1972.   Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co., NY.   96 pp

Small Worlds
Russell, H. R.   1971.   Little, Brown and Co., Boston.   32 pp.

Grassroot Jungles
Teale, E. W.   1937.   Dodd, Mead and Co., NY   233 pp.


Illustrated Nature Guides:

Atlas on the Biology of Soil Arthropods
Eisenbeis, G. and W. Wichard.   1987.   Springer-Verlag. Berlin.   437 pp.

Spiders and their Kin
Levi, H. W. and L. R. Levi.   1968.   Golden Press. NY.   160 pp.

Insects: A Guide to Familiar American Insects
Zim, H. S. and C. Cottam.   1956.   Golden Press. NY.   160 pp.


Identification Aides:

How to Know the Insects   3rd edition
Bland, R. G. and H. E. Jaques.   1978.   Wm C. Brown Co.   Dubuque, IA   409 pp.
ISBN:   0-697-04752-0

Soil Biology Guide
Dindal, D. L.   1990.   John Wiley & Sons, NY.   1349 pp.
ISBN:   0-471-04551-9

How to Know the Immature Insects
Chu, H. F.   1949.   Wm C. Brown Co., Dubuque, IA   234 pp.
ISBN:   0-697-04806-3

Kwik-Key to Soil-Dwelling Invertebrates
Meyer, J. R.   1993.   Vision Press, Raleigh, NC.   43 pp.


Resource and Reference:

An Introduction to the Study of Insects   6th edition
Borror, D. J., C. A. Triplehorn, and N. F. Johnson.   1989.   Saunders College Publishing.   Philadelphia, PA   875 pp.
ISBN:   0--03-025397-7

Soil Biology
Burges, N. A. and F. Raw (eds.).   1967.   Academic Press, NY.   532 pp

Biology of Plant Litter Decomposition   2 vols.
Dickinson, C. H. and G. J. F. Pugh (eds.).   1974.   Academic Press, NY   775 pp.

Biological Interactions in Soil
Edwards, C. A., B. R. Stinner, D. A. Stinner, and S. Rabatin (eds.).   1988.   Elsevier Publ. Amsterdam.   380 pp.

Soil Animals
Kevan, D. K. McE.   1962.   Philosophical Library. NY.   237 pp.

Soil Animals
Schaller, F.   1968.   Univ. of Michigan Press.   Ann Arbor, MI.   144 pp.

Ecology of Soil Animals
Wallwork, J. A.   1970.   McGraw-Hill. NY.   283 pp.

The Distribution and Diversity of Soil Fauna
Wallwork, J. A.   1976.   Academic Press, London.   355 pp.

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