Variable Number of Tandem Repeats -- VNTR

VNTR analysis (sometimes called DNA fingerprinting) can be used to identify and match cell samples. In order to use VNTRs, we must have a source of DNA. The DNA can come from any nucleated cell, e.g., white blood cells, skin samples, semen samples, or hair folicles. Red blood cells cannot be used as they do not have a nucleus.

For a VNTR analysis, the DNA is extracted and cut using restriction endonucleases. A Southern Blot is then performed using various probes.


The following links are three examples of VNTR analysis. Each of them comes with a description of the problem, plus the four Southern Blots that make up the analysis. For each of the examples, we will assume that there are no problems with the sample collection, or with the way that the samples were handles. In addition, we are interested only in Exclusion. That is, we are not worried about the probability of a match coming from the suspect or other persons unknown.

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A Case of Tissue Typing

A Case of Paternity

A Case of Rape