Microsphaera calocladophora AppendageMicrosphaera penicillata Cleistothecium

Cleistothecia in the genera Microsphaera have appendages that are flattened and dichotomously branched (similar to Podosphaera), but each cleistothecium contains several asci. It causes powdery mildew disease on lilacs, oaks, viburnum, blueberry, pecan, rhododendron, elms, dogwood, soybeans, tulip poplars, crepe myrtle, ash, and birch.

Representative Species

Microsphaera penicillata

causes powdery mildew disease on oaks, lilacs, pecan, rhododendron, and dogwood

Microsphaera calocladophora

causes powdery mildew disease on oaks

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