College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

Fall 2006 - 3 credit hours

Instructor info:

Instructor: Dr. Jean Beagle Ristaino
Address: Box 7616 Department of Plant Pathology, NC State University, Raleigh, NC

Phone: 919 515-3257

Fax: 919 515-7716


Office Hours: arranged
Class Hours: Wednesdays 9:10-11:55

Room: B21 Fox Hall

Open to all graduate students, upper level undergraduates and county extension agents.

Case studies to introduce students to ethical theory and practical moral issues in nonbiomedical agriculture and life sciences research including bioethics, populations and food, animal rights versus animal welfare, animal wastes, biotechnology, transgene escape, crop biosecurity, pesticides, ozone depletion, biodiversity, germplasm resources and developing countries, water and soil quality, organic and sustainable agriculture, and research ethics. Open classroom discussion, case studies and team role playing will be used.


Taught by Dr. Jean B. Ristaino, Professor of Plant Pathology
Former AAAS Environmental Science Fellow, 1996 
Contact Dr. Ristaino at (919)515-3257 
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