Gaeumannomyces graminis var. tritici
Semi-selective medium (SM-GGT3)

for Magnaporthe poae


Difco Potato Dextrose Agar              39 g

Dichloran                                       10 mg

Metalaxyl                                       10 mg

HOE 00703                                     25 mg (1-(3,5-dichlorophenyl)-3-methoxymethyl-pyrrolidin-2,4-dion)             

Streptomycin sulfate                      100 mg

L-DOPA                                        500 mg (L-B-3,4-dihydroxylphenol alanine)

Distilled water                                 1 L

Combine the potato dextrose agar with water and autoclave.  When the medium has cooled to 50-55 C, add the anti-microbials and the L-DOPA.  The addition of a small amount of acetone to the anti-microbial solutions will aid in the complete dissolution of these compounds.

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