In young plants, wilt and subsequent plant death is rapid.  The central leaves break at a sharp angle while still green.  In older plants, the inner leaf first turns yellow near the petiole.  The petiole breaks down, and the leaf wilts and dies.  From the center outwards, the leaves wilt and die.  Eventually, all leaves bend down and dry out.  Fruit growth is stopped once infection occurs.  Young banana fingers are deformed, turn black, and shrivel up.  Bananas near maturity may show no outward symptoms, but the inner pulp may be discolored and decaying.  Vascular bundles in the pseudostem appear yellowish brown to black (1).

Splitting and rotting bananas on plant infected
with Moko disease.
Banana plant killed from Moko disease.
(Photos courtsey of Cooperative Research Centre for Tropical Plant Protection,
The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia)

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