Taxa Required for ZO 150

Note that the Guide to Laboratory Exercises for ZO 150 is also a useful summary of key concepts in this class, and includes common names and important characteristics as well as the scientific names.  The Campbell textbook (6th edition) also does a good job of explaining some of the recent and proposed revisions in animal phylogeny and classification.

Classification of Humans

Domains and Kingdoms

... with nonscientific categories below kingdom for plants and fungi, and important, cross-kingdom mutualisms.

kingdom Animalia

Links to subkingdoms and phylogenetic groups above phylum:

Parazoa and Eumetazoa-Radiata

Eumetazoa - Bilateria - Spiralia

Eumetazoa - Bilateria - Ecdysozoa

Eumetazoa - Bilateria - Deuterostomia

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