Course Info / grading information

Attendance and Assignments

Attendance at lectures, labs, and the coastal field trip is mandatory. One unexcused absence is permitted without penalty. Each additional unexcused absence will result in a penalty of 10 points. Assignments will be accepted up to one week after the due date. Late assignments will be assessed a penalty of 20%. No assignments will be accepted later than one week past the due date.

Grading Information

Click on assignment names to see instructions and guidelines for completing assignments.

Grading will be based on the percentage of a possible 500 points earned in the course according to the following:

Percentage of a possible 500 points Letter Grade
97%-100% A+
93%-96% A
90%-92% A-
87%-89% B+
83%-86% B
80%-82% B-
77%-79% C+
73%-76% C
70%-72% C-
67%-69% D+
63%-66% D
60%-62%< D-
Points will be distributed as follows  
Mid-term Exam I 75
Mid-term Exam II 75
Final Exam 100
Total exam points 250
Scientific Writing Assignments (choose two of three topics)  
Monitoring program critique 20
Scientific paper critique 20
Wikipedia contribution 20
Total writing points 40
Lab Identification Test 25
Field Identification Test 25
Lab Notebook 25
Detectability lab write-up 10
Lab Field Project  
Project proposal 5
Introduction/lit cited 10
Methods/Analysis 5
Results and data summary 10
Discussion and abstract 10
Final presentation content 30
Final presentation 20
Overall project contribution 10
Total lab points 185
Class Participation 25
Extra Credit  
Behavior Study at NC Zoo 25
Sightings, Question of the Week 25
Total extra credit possible 50