Lab Info / detectability write-up

Detectability/Methods Lab Write-up (10 points)

Email your summarized data from the visual points to Jin ( by the end of the day on Friday. Be sure to include the names of both partners with your data. Jin will compile all data and upload the compiled results here. Use the compiled results from all pairs of observers in your lab write-up. Write up a 1-2 page synopsis of your findings to turn in the following week. Download the Excel spreadsheet provided to calculate an estimated population size and detectability estimates for each “species” at each habitat. Review the material we went over in lab last week and consider the factors affecting detection probability and how they can alter the interpretation of sampling data. Review the lab handouts and other related materials for more information. Here are the slides of Double Observer Sampling and field datasheet.

Files to download:

  • The compiled result of Jan 28th lab.
  • Double Observer Key for open deciduous habitat.
  • Double Observer Key for closed pine habitat.
  • Each write up should include:

    1. A summary of your results and a summary of the class results.
    2. A comparison of your results to the true results, as well as to other members of your class. You could also compare this year's data to 2009's 2010's, 2012's, 2014's, or 2016's data (found in the Excel spreadsheet).
    3. A discussion of the factors that affected your ability to detect "birds" on visual point counts.
    4. Your thoughts about other factors that may affect detection probabilities on real point counts.