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Department Profile - Alejandro Del-Pozo Valdivia

Alejandro Del Pozo-Valdivia is a PhD student in NC State Univesrity's Entomology DepartmentComing from Lima, Peru; Alejandro has found Raleigh NC as a new place to call home. Alejandro is in his first year as a graduate student at NC State. Alejandro graduated from La Molina National Agrarian University in 2003, with a BS in Agronomy. Upon completion of his degree, Alejandro worked for 5 years at CAMPOSOL S.A., one of the main asparagus producers in Peru. During that time, he was in charge of implementing and executing the IPM program of 3,000 acres of asparagus for exportation. In 2009, after he got married, he decided to move to the US and pursue a master degree in Entomology at Washington State University. During his time at WSU, he worked with Dr. John Brown; his research was focused on developing new strategies to implement the IPM program on irrigated hybrid poplars at GreenWood Resources Tree Farms. As a result of his work, a Lepidoptera sex pheromone was developed, tested and synthetized, and surveys for biological control agents were implemented. In 2011 ESA meeting, Alejandro won the first place on his section presenting about his research on hybrid poplars. While finishing his Master's degree, Alejandro decided to pursue a PhD at NCSU, where he found a really good and strong program on applied Entomology. Alejandro has been working on his PhD thesis under the direction of Dr. Dominic Reisig since January 2012. His project focuses on implementing new strategies to manage the newly introduced soybean pest, Megacopta cribraria, also called kudzu bug. Alejandro is looking at the natural history of this insect, as well as monitoring and other management practices. One of Alejandro’s field studies is looking at the impact of planting date, maturity group, and pesticide treatments on soybeans to control M. cribraria. The ultimate goal of Alejandro’s research is to provide practical solutions to manage this important soybean pest in NC. During the past 2012 ESA meeting in Knoxville TN, Alejandro was the recipient of the Larry Larson Graduate Student Award for Leadership in Applied Entomology.  He recently had a paper accepted to the Rapid Communications section of the Journal of Economic Entomology for documenting previously unknown biology of the kudzu bug.

When Alejandro is not studying insects, he is actively supporting multicultural events at the OIS office, or serving as a member and recently elected president of the Latin American Student Association (LASA) at NCSU. He also enjoys traveling with his wife, camping, watching movies, dancing salsa and playing table tennis, soccer and volleyball.