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Department Profile: Nancy Brill

About Nancy:

Nancy is a third-year PhD candidate in the Department of Entomology at NC State. She received her Master’s Degree in Horticultural Science in 2005, also at NC State, working with the sweet potato industry. Before returning to NC in 2009, Nancy worked as a Research Technician at Rutgers University for an Extension Specialist in Plant Pathology. She received her undergraduate degree from Rutgers University in Ecology. Nancy's experience with agricultural production comes not only from her research opportunities, but also from working at a local farm in her hometown of New Jersey for many years prior to graduate school. Nancy has two daughters, six and three years old.


  • Provost Fellowship, North Carolina State University, 2009
  • 2nd Place Oral Presentation PhD Student Competition, Entomological Society of America, 2009
  • North Carolina Association of Environmental Professionals Scholarship, 2010
  • 3rd Place Poster Student Competition, North Carolina Entomological Society of America, 2010
  • Invited presentation: Plectris aliena: a new invasive soil pest in North Carolina; and the challenges in developing a management plan from the ground up,” USDA-APHIS-PPQ-CPHST, Raleigh NC, Nov. 2010
  • Coordinated the first Women Leaders in Entomology training program for the NC State Entomology Department with the Leadership Challenge Course at NCSU, April 2011 Invited presentation: Our role as women in agriculture: and what we bring to the table.
  • Women in Agriculture Conference, Delaware Cooperative Extension Service, 2011.
  • Selected PhD student in the Entomology Department to attend the Graduate Student Professional Development Workshop at NCSU, Oct. 2011
  • Invited presentation: Student motherhood and women leaders in Entomology: lessons learned in graduate school survival,” Program Symposium, Identifying the current status of women in Entomology: Clarifying initiatives for retention, and speaking out to share experiences. Entomological Society family of America, Nov. 2011

Nancy's Research

Nancys doctoral program focuses on an invasive white grub, Plectrisaliena (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae), in North Carolina. Larvae of this beetle cause damage to the surface of sweetpotato roots, rendering them unmarketable.