Entomology Graduate Student Association

The EGSA provides students with opportunities to organize seminars, meetings, field trips and other functions concerned with common interests of the members of the association.

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Entomology Graduate Student Symposium

An opportunity for students to present their research and to see what their fellow students are working on

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Agricultural Institute Courses

Course Number Course Name and Description Offered/Credits
3(3 hrs of credit)
(3 hrs of lecture or seminar-0 hrs of lab)
ENT 110**
General Entomology

Considers how insects live, their internal and external structures and their functions, classification and identification and control when desirable. Recognition of economically important beneficial, and destructive insects and mites occurring in North Carolina and neighboring states, stressing information on their life histories, damage and control. MEYER   Course Webpage

ENT 121*
Pesticides and Their Utilization

Basic characterization, classification, chemical and physical properties of pesticides. Use of pesticides including environmental effects; Federal and State laws and regulations relating to their manufacture, distribution and use; safety procedures including handling and storage; and application equipment including types, calibration, use and maintenance. WALDVOGEL -       Course Outline



ENT 132**
Urban Pest Management

Practical course dealing with the recognition, biology and management of common insect and related arthropod pests that are found in and around residential and commercial structures. ALDER    Course Outline


ENT 163**
Ornamental and Turf Insects

The biology, recognition, and management of common insect and related arthropod pests that attack ornamentals and turf.  WALDVOGEL                   Course Outline


Current Topics in Pest Management

Discussions of current topics of pest management. Topics presented by leaders in the various facets of the industry. Students also complete and present a project related to pest management.  WALDVOGEL

SP (Alt-E)

* Required course for Integrated Pest Management Minor
** Additional Required Course for IPM Minor (choose one)