Entomology Graduate Student Association

The EGSA provides students with opportunities to organize seminars, meetings, field trips and other functions concerned with common interests of the members of the association.

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Entomology Graduate Student Symposium

An opportunity for students to present their research and to see what their fellow students are working on

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Pest Management Minor in the Agricultural Institute

ENT163 lab section on a campus collecting tripThe Agricultural Institute (AGI) is part of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at NC State. Its primary purpose is to provide students with the practical experience needed to be productive in the many careers within the Agricultural Industry. Students earn a 2-year Associate of Applied Science Degree which speeds them along to certain career paths. Some students use their AGI experience continue into NCSU's four-year undergraduate degree program.

The Entomology Program offers a number of courses in the AGI and has a minor in Pest Management (IPM) that provides a strong technical background in the identification of major arthropod and vertebrate pests that impact food, fiber, public health and residential/industrial structures, and to promote pest management decisions that are effective while maintaining healthy rural and urban environments.

Requirements for the Pest Management Minor

  • Minimum of 15 credit hours is required.
  • Course selection options allow students to focus on the particular aspect of subject matter which best complements their interests or career goals.

Required Courses:

  • ENT 121 - Pesticides and Their Utilization (3 Credit Hours)
  • ENT 190 - Pest Management in Today's Environment  (1 Credit Hour)

Additional Required Courses (Choose 1 of the following):

  • ENT 110 General Entomology 3 Credit Hours
  • ENT 132 Urban Pest Management 3 Credit Hours
  • ENT 163 Turf and Ornamental Insects (3 Credit Hours)

Restricted Elective Courses: (Choose 2 of the following)

  • CS 152 Weed Control in Field Crops (3 Credit Hours)
  • CS 154 Turf Weeds and Diseases (3 Credit Hours)
  • AGI 195 Ornamental Weeds and Diseases (3 Credit Hours)
  • BAE 123 Light Equipment Technology (Small Engines) (3 Credit Hours)

Advised Elective Course (any course with at least 2 Credit Hours and approved by the minor program coordinator**.

Total 15 Credit Hours

Students who plan to minor in Integrated Pest Management should contact Dr. Michael Waldvogel by email or phone (919.515.8881, mike_waldvogel@ncsu.edu) or in 4318 Gardner Hall.