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NCSU Apiculture Extension and Outreach

Annual Summaries

The Apiculture Program at NC State has three core missions: Extension, providing information, advice, and other outreach services to help beekeepers at all levels; Research, using the scientific method to test hypotheses about honey bee biology and ways to help improve bee management; and Instruction, teaching and disseminating knowledge about honey bees and apiculture through formal classes and academic training. These summaries review the yearly updates in each of these areas. Read more >>

Beekeeping Notes

Extension articles written by past and present members of the NCSU Apiculture Program about honey bee biology, management and industry. Read more >>

Beekeeper Education & Engagement System (BEES)

This is an exciting new online system for training beekeepers at all levels. There are three ascending levels (Beginner, Advanced, and Ambassador) with topics spanning three different areas (honey bee biology, management, and industry). The entire system is based on the Moodle instruction platform, so all video lectures, content, and quizzes can be taken directly online! Read more >>

Information & FAQ

Information about various extension projects offered by the NC State Apiculture Program, advice for homeowners and beekeepers, and other resources. Read more >>


These webinars are run through the online software system Elluminate, brought to you free of charge through the NC Cooperative Extension Service and DELTA. Anyone is able to participate either as an individual or as a group. Read more >>