NC State University


The on-campus research spaces are located in Gardner Hall, the main building of the Entomology Department. It contains approximately 1,000 square feet of laboratory and office space. The office suite contains several work areas, a library dedicated to behavioral ecology and social insect biology, and computer analysis facilities. The genetics lab contains the necessary equipment and reagents to perform molecular analyses of honey bee colonies. The off-campus facilities are located on the Lake Wheeler University Farm complex. The building is approximately 4,000 square feet and contains 10 laboratory and office spaces, a basement for equipment storage, two glass-walled porches, and a garage. The facility is located on five acres of property, surrounded by hundreds of acres of farm land, and therefore provides ample space to place many bee hives. The main building includes a library dedicated to apiculture and honey bee literature (available to the public by appointment), a conference center for presentations and extension-based activities, a chemical lab, a multipurpose lab, and a queen breeding/instrumental insemination lab. Directions to the Lake Wheeler Honey Bee Research Facility are below.

Directions to the Lake Wheeler Honey Bee Research Facility

  • Take I-40 to Lake Wheeler exit (the same as the Farmer's market)
  • Take Lake Wheeler Road south, through the light at Tryon Road, and continue south for another mile
  • Turn left onto Inwood Drive (across from the big red Baptist church on the right)
  • Follow the bend around to the right for about 1/2 a mile until you come to a perpendicular line of trees on the left that hides a driveway
  • Take the driveway to the large white building at the end
  • 4325 Inwood drive; the phone number is 513-7702