Baker, James R.

Professor Emeritus

Program area: 



B.S. North Carolina State University (1966)
M.S. North Carolina State University (1968)
Ph.D. The University of Kansas (1972)


I had a small commitment to research, which was greatly assisted by Agriculture Technician Ed Shearin and later by Agriculture Technician Ellen Reeves. We explored the biology and rational control of ornamental crop pests in North Carolina and phytotoxicity of insecticides to ornamental plants. For eleven years, we concentrated on screening as a means of excluding thrips and whiteflies from greenhouses as well as biological control of silverleaf whitefly and melon aphid.


I was responsible for training county agents to recognize and respond correctly to inquiries about insect pests of ornamental plants. I edited a series of six pest identification manuals for county agents and the green industry. Five of the manuals, Insect and Related Pest of Flowers and Foliage Plants, Insect and Other Pests Associated with Turf, Insect and Related Pests of Field Crops, Insect and Related Pests of Shrubs, Insect and Related Pests of Vegetables have been posted on the World Wide Web.  Insect and Related Pests of Flowers and Foliage Plants is also available as Insectos y otras Plagas de las Flores y Plantas de Follaje. With the collaboration of Steve Bambara, I maintained a number of Ornamental and Turf Insect Notes on the Web. I also responded to inquiries that came through the North Carolina Plant Disease and Insect Clinic from commercial greenhouse flower growers, landscapers and nurserymen.