Burrack, Hannah J.

Associate Professor of Entomology & Extension Specialist

Program area: 

Applied Insect Ecology and Management in Field and Horticultural Crops


Method Unit 1

Box 7634, NCSU, Raleigh, NC 27695-7630


B.S. - University of Wisconsin, M.S. - University of California - Davis, Ph.D. - University of California - Davis


RESEARCH (25%) My research focuses on understanding the ecology of insect pests in tobacco and small fruits and utilizing this information to enhance pest management. I am particularly interested in landscape scale management issues, host preference behavior, and invasive species biology. I am also developing projects in specialty crop systems, including hops.

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TEACHING (0%) I do not have a formal teaching appointment, but I am involved in teaching activities.  I teach Fellowship and Grant Writing in the Biological Sciences every fall semester, I am one of 4 team instructors for ENT 762, a course that teaches integrated pest mangement of insect using a systems-based model, and I also co-lead an extension entomology seminar, offered every 3rd year. 


EXTENSION (75%) The tobacco extension faculty at NC State have a history of innovation, and I continue this tradition. North Carolina tobacco growers are engaged in the extension process and serve as a model for the growing small fruit industry. Tobacco production is also changing, with many growers choosing to diversify or cease operations while those that remain are increasing in size. Small fruit production is rapidly increasing throughout North Carolina, and to meet the needs of these growers, I present at extension meetings (both local and regional), I conduct hands on workshops, and am currently developing webinars and online training tools.

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For interested students and job seekers:

I anticipate recruiting 1-2 gradaute students to begin in Spring 2014.  Interested applicants can contact me for more details.

I welcome also students who are interested in applied ecology to contact me about potentially developing collaborative project. I teach a course in grant & fellowship writing and strongly enouraged interested prospective students to pursue independent funding streams. Students interested in pursuing independent funding to work in my lab should contact me at least one month prior to their proposal deadline to discuss potential projects. I have compiled a list of grant & fellowship opportunities here.