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EGSA Meeting Minutes


EGSA Meeting Information

Time: 12 PM Noon
Day: 3rd Friday of every month (subject to change) 

Location: Gardner Hall, Conference Room  

Only held during the academic school year


Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes for 2017-2018 are available in the EGSA google drive here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B-qRyxu6oSj1MnhOSklrRTBIU0U?usp=sharing

Please note only @ncsu.edu accounts can view the folder. 


 Date: 13 September 2016

(First meeting for 2016-2017 academic year)


-Bugfest 9/17

-ICE 9/25-9/30

-Practice talks/posters for ICE, during seminar 9/19


 Social/Seminar/Fundraising –

- Need to schedule a clean-up; Happy hour/events will be after ICE

-Spring seminars should get planned soon?

 Outreach –        

-We could use extra pinned specimens or live for outreach.

-Any thoughts on how to incentive outreach?

 President –           

-Faculty positions are opened. Spread the word. (12/2 review)(Three positions are staggered; Precision Ag, systematics, urban)

 Vice President –

-We need to update our logo/constitution (PPGSA meetings will be attended by Sec.)

-Review the constitution by Friday (9/16) and email approval.

-We cannot use the NCSU logo in the EGSA logo. (https://campusenterprises.ncsu.edu/trademark-licensing/home/academic-marks/). Meredith will check into this and we need to get approval so we are covered. This will be a topic at the next mtg.

-EGSA/PPGSA are considered one to GSA. May require treasurers to coordinate funds from one account. Topic for the Spring.

-GSA opportunities: Best practices ($300), block grants ($500 joint with another dept), travel awards for conferences.

-Student Senate Rep from the EGSA? (Next year)


-Meeting time to 5pm on Tuesdays? (Pizza)

-GSA meeting 7-10p (9/26- during ICE) Lewis will go for Meredith

Recap Officer Elections -  

 Vice President: Meredith Spence

Secretary: Jeremy Slone

Treasurer: James Withrow

Outreach: Meredith Spence and Nicole Gutzmann (Care-taker)

(Committee: Fallon, Kristi, Samantha M.)

Fundraising chair: Damon D’Ambrosio

(Committee: Sophia, Fallon, Samantha K., Jeremy)

Social chairs: Pete Nelson and Lewis Braswell

(Committee: Meredith, Colin, Sam, Alex)

Seminar chairs: Fallon Fowler and Samantha Kaiser



Date: 11 October 2016


-Greenway cleanup, TBD within the month?

-Bi-weekly happy hours (Thursdays @ 5 (10/20/16)) – East Village

-NCES banquetRegister by 10/12 -> event is November 9th; Can drop off form and payment to Kristi; Can still participate in the poster comp.

-TBD Halloween Festivities

-Holiday party in Dec. (We will host entertainment)


 Social/Seminar/Fundraising –

 Happy hours are happening

 Outreach –

 - New incentives for participation, Amazon giftcards ($75/ most outreaches & $75 raffled by # of events attended)

- Several schools still on the list for fall

-  Big outreach event is being planned -> if you have ideas reach out to Meredith

 President –

- Faculty hiring is happening; No direct student involvement, but you can still provide feedback from their seminars or teaching lectures during the process.

- Don’t forget to turn in your travel reimbursements

 Vice President –

- Insurance issues are still uncertain

- Two community service opportunities (Operation Christmas child and hurricane relief) – Talk to Meredith for drop off points (Items or cash)

- Socials being planned for GSA, tentative: Oct/27 @ RBC, and 11/18 for hockey

Logo Update: We are not allowed to sell the remaining stock… No new trademarks, but we can generate our own logo and put text below it (ie: NC State EGSA) // Must be approved and go through authorized vendors

 Treasurer/Secretary –

 - PPGSA will attend our meeting next month


-Nov 18th – Plant Path Masters Symposium; Drop in and offer support

-Spring Symposium could be in tandem with PP


Date: 15 November 2016


-Bi-weekly happy hours; Thursdays @ 5 (next up on 12/1) – East Village Grill

-Bowling event is this Friday 11/19 @ 6-8p; Last chance to visit the Alley!

-PPGSA/EGSA Holiday party on Dec 9th 2-6p

-Nov 18th – Plant Path Masters Symposium


Social/Seminar/Fundraising –

-Plant sale for fundraising (Hydrangeas out at the Annex). New merchandise is being discussed and will be a priority in the near future.

-Volunteer opportunities with yard debris management. Updates to come from Lewis.

-Successful greenway cleanup. Thanks to those that helped!

-Solicit speakers for Mike Duke, get these in ASAP. Look out for an email

Outreach –

-Outreach is going great! No real updates right now. As a reminder, we will be giving a $75 Amazon gift card to the person who does the most outreaches for the year and raffling off an additional $75 gift card (both awarded in May). Currently Alex Alaniz leads with 10 events with Sam M following at 8.

 Treasurer/Secretary –

-Our PPGSA rep is attending our meetings now. Welcome to Michael Cannon.

 Vice President –

Health Care

Student health care won't be affected by the Affordable Care Act. There has been an indefinite postponement of the decision at this point, but the dean of the grad school & provost office have said that the grad students will be taken care of even if there are changes of policies in the future. Hooray for healthcare!

Fee & Tuition Increases

Next year, tuition will increase 5% for resident grad students and 6% for non-resident grad students. Fees will increase by $49.14 for 2017-18 and $48.50 for 2018-19, about 2% increase each. I took part in a special fee review committee and the grad students as a whole voted against many of these fees, but our voice was basically ignored. Even though the fee review voting panel has 1 grad student and 2 undergrads, the rest of the panel (faculty members) always go with what the undergrads say, because the undergrads are from Student Senate, which technically represents ALL students. However, the 8 Student Senate seats that are reserved for grad students largely go unfilled every year (there are only 3 filled this year), so we are not being equally represented. I encourage you all to consider running for a Student Senate seat when it opens up in the spring so that grad students can increase their voice on issues like this. I will let you know when applications are open. In the meantime, I will be participating in another special sub-committee through GSA to brainstorm ways to increase grad student voice.

Management Survey

Last year, GSA sent out a "management survey" to the grad students asking about their overall wellbeing and happiness as related to their PI/advisor relationship. Data from this survey will be taken to the provost, with the end goal of getting management competency taken into account at faculty tenure review. The results were overall very positive, but there were some rare cases of discrimination bias and hostile work environment reported. If anyone in Ent has specific concerns, we have options for anonymously addressing issues through an office of diversity rep. Let me know if we need to pursue this and I can arrange.

Social Events

-You should have gotten an email from me regarding the Carolina Hurricanes hockey GSA social. It will be Friday, November 18th, at 7pm. Tickets are $10 for students and $16 for non-students.

 -There will be a TA social (anyone can go) on Friday, December 2nd, from 5-7pm. Venue still TBA. I will update you when I have more details. At RBC, no free drinks.

Best Practices Award

 -Best Practices Award gives $300 to one GSA per year. We won this last year, so not sure that our odds are great for winning again. However, if you all think we should apply, the deadline will be January 30th. Let me know and I can prepare an application.


Date: 24 January 2017



 -Happy hour, bi-weekly, started 1/19 @ 5:30 @ East Village Grill

-Darwin Day, need volunteers! Feb 11

-GSA trivia in Feb (Contact Meredith if interested); Will be Wed nights @ Bada Wings; Championship is 3/1.

-Plant Path is having first Friday (2/3) @ Big Boss

-Thurs 2/2, hockey game (NC State vs UNC) FREE


Social/Seminar/Fundraising –

-Hydrangea plant sale. Made income from this and will try again if more plants are available.

-Potentially join plant path with the spring yard cleaning. Need to gauge faculty interest.

-Mike Duke updates? Speaker chosen, verifying dates (late march/early April); Don’t choose April 12th, Rosie Perez event with Plant Path; Contact faculty about after party when date is chosen.

Outreach –

-Last year, 62 events reached ~3500 people (non-festival)

-Darwin Day, 2/11, free lunch with 4+ hours; NEED VOLUNTEERS!

Vice President –

-From GSA meeting:

o   Counseling/Advice available to discuss availability of campus resources

o   Diversity awareness sessions being planned. New housing and professional development workshops coming this spring.

o   GSA trivia is upcoming!

o   Travel award for conferences (up to $1500 for a conference); Sept 2016- Sept 2017; App due Feb 15th

o   Best Practices award is due soon; $300, we won last year.

o   Focusing on Appropriations awards. Due 2/1, Meredith is putting this together with Damon and James; Up to $2000 for various expenses; Use to purchase new merchandise or outreach and insect rearing supplies.

President –

-Faculty hiring (Precision Pest Ecology Interviews) @ 9am Stephens room; Jan. 31 (Tues) / Feb. 3 (Fri) / Feb. 14 (Tues) / Feb. 16 (Thurs)

-If you want to join the grad student lunch with interviews, contact Gabe.


 -ESA Grad student rep -> Steve’s term is coming to an end; The Committee on Student Affairs shall consist of one representative from each Section and Branch, who shall be Student Members at the time of election to the Committee. Members of this committee shall serve terms of two years. The purpose of this Committee shall be to stimulate interest in student participation in the Society, and to advise the Governing Board on matters of interest to Student Members”


Date: 21 February 2017



Mike Duke – March 24

New hiring rounds begin late March early April

Grad student symposium – March 22 (1-5p)



Social/Seminar/Fundraising –

-GSA trivia on 2/22, Bada Wings – food @ 7 trivia @ 8


Outreach –

May need some new permits for our outreach bugs

o   Need a faculty or permanent person to be the permit holder

Secretary –

-Spring cleaning interest by students or faculty?

-PPGSA is considering a position to be liaison to student government. ~3hrs/week? Thay are interested in meeting with us when we proceed with fundraising and ordering.

Vice President –

-$1400 from student government appropriations

o   To buy new fundraising gear and apparel (tees/polos/koozies)

o   Some without logos to sell at general events

-GSA TA award due Friday – Must work through DGP (Clyde Sorenson)


-Lookout for an email from Meredith about voting for student government. Be informed.



-Steve is looking for someone to represent NC State for ESA Southeastern Branch. Please see him if interested, or talk with Gabe/Meredith.

-We had a discussion on the candidates for the PPE position. Notes are filed, but won't be posted publicly.


 Date: 21 March 2017





3/22 - Grad research symposium at McKimmon


3/23 @ 9am - First interview for new hiring (Insect biodiversity)

o   We will have surveys again, look out for the emails.


3/24 (2:30-3:30) – Mike Duke Seminar

o   Robert K. Colwell - biodiversity, climate change and species estimation.


3/ 30 (3:30-4:30) - 2017 Mason Pharr Seminar

o   Dr. Paul Sisco - Breeding a blight resistant and root-rot resistant American Chestnut


4/5(3:30-4:30) -17th Annual Wernsman Seminar

o   Dr. Dorothea Tholl from Virginia Tech - "'Volatile' Communication of Plants and Pests - New Routes in Sustainable Agriculture?"


4/22, March for Science



Social/Seminar/Fundraising –

o   May need help with takedown for the after-party. Otherwise the schedule looks solid.

o   Look at participating with the Thursday lunch and dinner! Sign up on the google doc.

o   Park and Trail day is April 29th. Time to do our greenway clean-up! Email to come.

o   Waiting on appropriations check for re-ordering apparel. We want koozies.

Outreach –

o   St. Jude’s outreach went very well! Sign up for the new opportunities. Check into the starred or highlighted tasks because they may be affiliated with us or NCSU.

Treasurer/Secretary –

o   Haven’t spent much, maybe consider a social event for the department?

Vice President –

o   Watch for emails for dates and events from GSA.

o   GSA has adopt a highway cleanup- free food!

o   Grad student formal – 4/21 @ NC Museum of science downtown. ~$20, open bar.

o   Ent grad student for seminar committee. Merge with seminar chair or new position? Combined departmental seminar starting this fall 2017. Let Meredith know if interested! (Gabe)

President –

o   Look out for email about the Insect Biodiversity hiring



2017-2018 Officer Nominations!

 ·         President:


 ·         Vice President:


 ·         Treasurer:


 ·         Secretary:

Sarah P

 ·         Outreach coordinator:


 ·         Bug care-taker, outreach coordinator #2:

Sam M, Nicole

 ·         Fundraising chair and committee:


 ·         Seminar chair & committee:

Steve, Pete, Nataraja, Larry

 ·         Social chairs and committee:

Pete, Lewis, Sam B, Gabe, Larry