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EGSA Meeting Minutes


EGSA Meeting Information

Time: 5 PM
Day: 2nd Monday of every month (subject to change) 

Location: Gardner Hall, Conference Room  

Only held during the academic school year


Meeting Minutes


 Date: 11 August 2015

First meeting for 2015-2016 academic year 


TBD                      Welcome BBQ

August 22           Packapalooza

September 19    BugFest

September 25    EGSA Symposium 



Social                  4 Happy hours, 1 clean up, and 1 movie night since last EGSA meeting

Treasurer           Overall financial outlook is the same

President            Will be pushing faculty to pay fees for all students beginning Fall 2015 



Bugfest Sales Decision (Sophia, James) 

  • Selling at bugfest: Tshirts, onesies, koozies
  • No new tee designs, revisit in spring. We can do new colors for size fill-in
  • “Frass Happens”; “Everyday I’m shuffling” on the onesies
  • Koozies, one color print, Ent logo on one side and pun on the other.
  • I mite be drunk – Getting Buzzed – (unless Ent logo must be solo)
    • Need these designs soon – ready by 8/28 – submitted by 8/31
    • Selling price: tees - $20, onesies - $20, Koozies - $5


Packapalooza (Fallon) 

  • Need more volunteers! – showing bugs and engaging the public


EGSA Symposium (Katharine) 

  • NCES wants to contribute and speak – need times arranged (8:30-9?)
  • Half day of talks and half day of posters
  • Potentially follow up with the Welcome BBQ after this event


Outreach Training (Kristi) 

  • Lesson plans and arthropod info sheets available soon
  • Training sessions will be provided this fall – dates TBD
  • UAB has pop-up tents for rent – or Gabe has one
  • Can we bring non-state-employee/ undergrads with us on undergrads? 


Forming Committees

  • Outreach, Symposium, Mike Duke, Social
  • Send Gabe Committee description and how many people you anticipate needing
    • He will send a sign up and info sheet
  • Emails will follow - please sign up if you can help – Jobs can be delegated to different members of the committee to help spread the workload.
  • 10 new students in department
  • We need to schedule another clean-up!


Date: 14 September 2015


September 15    Greenway cleanup

Sept 17                 Happy Hour

Sept 19                 Bug Fest

Sept 25                 EGSA Symposium, Welcome back BBQ



Social- greenway cleanup time! Happy hour this Thursday.



Faculty meeting- Welcome to our new students!/ENT remains a department/check with your advisor if you are paying your fees/Lightning talk symposium in the spring??(recruit)

Finances- multiple accounts, variable uses, but unsure of when money is actually going to be deposited in the general spending account. Tshirt expense will come out soon

Symposium- oral presentations (11 of 14) and posters (2, need more!). Social BBQ is from 5-8p (Dick Shelter near Lake Wheeler), main entrée provided, pot-luck side dishes and dessert. Beer provided. Need volunteers to help setup, tear down, and cook. Looking for some activities or outdoor games if anyone has something to share. Light trapping maybe?

Bug Swap- VA tech has an extensive collection - may be interested in swapping some of ours for theirs! Problem=mostly tarantulas and cockroaches there, stick insects-bedbugs-cockroaches are our only breeding colonies and none are operated by EGSA.

Outreach info and needs- EGSA has a shelf in the 3rd floor computer lab(backroom). Please consider signing up to help spread out the responsibility. Could use help formatting more data sheets (stick insect is complete). Outreach training days will be on the books soon, consider attending if you are interested in doing outreach and simply aren’t comfortable yet. Anyone who signed up during the meeting, complete data sheets before Thursday!

UGSA funding sources, opportunities, and politics- different funding sources are available through UGSA and student body groups. Some funding available for just social events. Different support services are available as well, thesis assistance and voting on use of student fees.

ESGA constitution updates- review email from Gabe. Thanks to Fallon for reviewing this! Special meeting Monday Sept21(really quick) to ratify changes and get accredited for receiving funds!


Date: 9 November 2015


November 11 ​                    Happy Hour

December 3​(Tentative)   Hockey Night, Hurricanes vs Devils (UGSA)

December 7​                       Department Holiday Party

March 13-16​                      SEB EntSoc Meeting

April 13​​                               Mike Duke Seminar




  • Happy Hour
  • Considering a gathering at ESA.
  • $10 hockey ticketps, reach out to Fallon or Pete by Friday , Nov 13


  • ​Outreach training, documents from first session will be shared on google drive
  • Outreach signup sheet for outreaches will also be on google drive, you can’t edit.


  • ​Bayer request submitted, they won’t fund us through the program we used last time :(
  • Currently working on BASF grants
  • Getting shirts to Ent Soc, need volunteers!     Please respond to Sophia if you can help
  • Dhammi may be driving, possible solution.


  • ​We are under budget for the semester so far.


  • Mike Duke – Angela Douglass has confirmed


  • No Faculty meeting
  • Copesan donated $600, James needs to get this check to deposit to correct account.



  • Outreach opportunities – Science Olympiad (backyard biologist), Jess will be hosting courses in the Spring and could use some help covering different events
  • Signup sheet for hosting  the ESA table will be coming around. Please volunteer some time.
  • Raffle for a $25 gift card will be for volunteers 


Date: 14 December 2015


Thursday            Happy Hour

Thursdays          Linnaean Games Practice (@ lunch)

March 13-16      SEB EntSoc Meeting

April 13                Mike Duke Seminar 



Social                  Greenway cleanup @ 3:30 Wed 12/16, Happy Hour

Outreach            Outreach files were shared with EGSA members via Google Drive

Fundraising        Bayer Money on the way. >$500 in shirt sales, now in the green from our recent order (reorder more soon).

Treasurer           We are under budget for the semester so far. We need to verify Copesan deposit.

Symposium        Mike Duke

President            No Faculty meeting. Department merger below.



Outreach Opportunities (Kristi)

Block Grant for Zoology & Entomology Joint Symposium (Fallon) - Event on 4/19/2016, we should have some representation

Best Practices Award from UGSA (Fallon) - Application due later in Jan, we should hold an officer meeting at least to discuss and complete the app. Think “most functional GSA”

Merger of Entomology and Plant Pathology (Gabe) - Lots of admin changes in the works, may not impact us greatly in the immediate future. We still get Entomology degrees, but are housed in a new “Unit.” More to come as it gets worked out.


Date: 11 January 2016


Mondays             Linnean Games Practice

March 13-16       SEB EntSoc Meeting

April 13               Mike Duke Seminar 



Social                    Happy Hour

Vice President   Reminder: Best practices award

Outreach              Sign up for Darwin Day 



Outreach Opportunities (Kristi)

  • Darwin Day – Feb. 13th, need volunteers for shifts and outreach ideas
  • Bayer’s check was received so the outreach materials are being ordered and the trip to Memphis (3 volunteers) is being planned
  • James. Copesan has paid, but no funds received from GSA still.

GSA Information (Fallon)

  • Best Practices Application is on googledrive document
  • ZGSA-EGSA, ASGSA-EGSA block grants.
    • How many ent students are required to present?
    • ZGSA: April 8th.
    • ASGSA: Feb. 22nd  

Plant Pathology Stipend & President (Fallon)

  • Plant Path: Ph.D: 19.5k à 20.5k after a year; M.S. unknown
  • Entomology: 21/23k M.S./Ph.D. 

Officer Summaries and Pictures (Fallon)

  • Officer pictures and paragraphs to update website. Outside people are using this information to email old chairs/officers.
  • Wes and Clyde need 4 nominations for the Annual Grad. Student Symposium 

Update: Merger of Entomology and Plant Pathology (Gabe)

  • Our stipends will likely not be affected since Ent faculty are writing our stipend increases into grants


Date: 8 February 2016 


Thursday            Happy Hour

March 13-16      SEB EntSoc Meeting

April 13               Mike Duke Seminar



Social                  Happy Hour 2/11 @ Mitch’s

Outreach            Outreach files available via Google Drive







  • Outreach Opportunities (Kristi) ***** Check them out!
  • Working on final schedule for Mike Duke Speaker, Tues (12th)-Thurs (14th)
    • Where will reception be held???
  • Faculty meeting on 2/9, Kristi will attend



Date: 21 March 2016


Wednesday        Sign up for Durham Bulls Game with Plant Path

Thursday            Happy Hour

April 8                 Final Nominations For Officers

April 9                 Durham Bulls Game with PP

April 11               Officer Elections

April 13               Mike Duke Seminar & Reception



Social                  Happy Hour, Thursday 3/24/2016 @ Mitch’s

Outreach           Sign up for outreach!

VP                       We won the Best Practice Award. $200 to EGSA and $100 for a joint event with the Genetics dept.

                             We need 3-4 volunteers (VP nominees?) to participate in a presentation next month to UGSA.



Greenway Cleanup on 3/25/2016 @ 2:30p

GGSA/EGSA Party in the works for early April, TBD

Detailed Officer Position Descriptions (Gabe) – Current officers should prepare an updated duty list for the incoming officers

PP officer representative at EGSA meetings and vice versa for Ent officer rep at PP grad association meetings. Secretary duty?

Officer Nominations deadline 4/8/2016, elections on 4/11/2016


Nomination List



Date: 11 April 2016




April 11            Officer Elections

April 13            Mike Duke Seminar & Reception





Social/Seminar      Mike Duke Set-up/Clean-up

Outreach                Sign up for outreach; ordering stickers for large events      

President               Faculty Meeting       



  • Detailed officer descriptions - Make sure that a file exists within your folder on the google drive that outlines all you have learned from being in the position this past year!
  • Faculty Meeting - There is a possibility for a merged seminar series with plant path in the future. If you have suggestions for seminar speakers, reach out to Marce L for 2016-17 series. There may be changes to the merged department governance, more info to come.
  • Student Recruitment - EGSA will help faculty with these efforts when plans are passed to us. New competitive grants may be available for 1 year funding with rotational lab training and expectations for self-funding after the first year.
  • Departmental Softball - If you are interested, email Gabe and meet up on the occasional Sunday to play some low-pressure softball. There is an interest in getting sports or activities into the social rotation as well!!


OFFICER ELECTIONS                        

Vice President: Meredith Spence

Secretary: Jeremy Slone

Treasurer: James Withrow

Outreach: Meredith Spence and Nicole Gutzmann (Care-taker)

(Committee: Fallon, Kristi, Samantha M.) 

Fundraising chair: Damon D’Ambrosio

(Committee: Sophia, Fallon, Samantha K.) 

Social chairs: Pete Nelson and Lewis Braswell

(Committee: Meredith, Colin, Sam, Alex) 

Seminar chairs: Fallon Fowler and Samantha Kaiser

(Committee: Keith, Katie, Colin, Pete)