Groot, Astrid T.

Research Assistant Professor

Program area: 

Evolutionary chemical ecology


Physically based at the University of Amsterdam and the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology


MSc in Biology, University of Amsterdam (1995), PhD in Entomology, Wageningen University (2000)


Our main research question is how sexual attraction is involved in the initial divergence of populations, and thus the first step in speciation. Since sexual attraction can directly lead to assortative mating, we aim to understand which genes are involved in within-species variation and which factors may cause variation in sexual attraction. We use nocturnal moths as a model system to address this research question, because their communication channel is virtually all pheromonal, and the pheromone components are very well defined.

For more information, please see my website at the University of Amsterdam (, where I'm associate professor since 2011 and work 90% of my time, and my website at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Ecology (, where I'm group leader since 2007 and work 10% of my time.