Entomology Graduate Program

Find out what's required to become a graduate student in the Entomology Program.

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Entomology Undergraduate Minor

Undergraduate students interested in insects, their management, and their role in natural and agricultural ecosystems can obtain an Entomology minor.

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Faculty Teaching Awards

Several Entomology faculty have been recognized for their outstanding teaching skills.

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NCSU Insect Museum receives donated collection

The NCSU Insect Museum just received the personal insect collection of the late entomologist and NCSU alumnus J.A. Ramos (right). This collection numbers nearly 50,000 specimens of Auchenorrhyncha from the Caribbean Islands, Central and South America.   Dr. Ramos received his Masters and PhD in 1945 and 1956, respectively, from NC State under the direction of Z.P. Metcalf and was Professor of Biology at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaqüez.   

- Bob Blinn, Collection Manager


For more information about the NCSU Insect Museum, click HERE.