Tom Daggy Insect Collection

Dr. Tom Daggy (1915-1996) was a professor of Biology at Davidson College, Davidson, N.C., from 1947 to 1981. Daggy was best known as an impassioned collector and devoted teacher, who inspired many students to careers in the life sciences, including several in entomology and systematics. His collection of pinned material includes approximately 92,000 specimens, representing at least 50 years of collecting in North Carolina and elsewhere. He concentrated on collecting and identifying beetles, although many other groups of insects are present in his collection. While strongest in material from western North Carolina, his collection spans the United States and other portions of the world. Daggy donated his material to NCSU near the time of his death, and, in 1997, NCSU was awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation for facilities to integrate the Daggy and Wray collections into the NCSU Insect Collection.


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