Friends of the NCSU Insect Museum

The NCSU Insect Museum serves as the primary voucher repository for entomological research at NCSU and is a critical resource for species identification, for educating students about insect systematics and biodiversity, for enlightening the public through outreach activities, and for training the next generation of insect systematists. The Museum’s research collection represents the largest, most comprehensive and historic representation of North Carolina’s insect fauna in existence. With more than 1.4 million insects, spiders, and mites, the research collection comprises the largest assemblage of arthropod specimens in the state of North Carolina and is larger than any insect collection south of Washington DC and north of Florida, west to Texas.

Changes are afoot at the NCSU Insect Museum as we continue to grow and to adopt and develop new advances in biodiversity informatics. Thanks to the National Science Foundation (DBI-0847924) and the Department of Entomology, we've expanded our storage capacity by 20% and our overall footprint by >30% (600ft2 of new research and storage space) in 2009. We are also extending our inventory efforts to include specimen data and images.

Our long-term plans include mini-grants that support student research and travel, improved an outreach collection to engage the public in entomological issues, upgrades to existing equipment, and extensive databasing of specimens.

Please consider joining the Friends of the NCSU Insect Museum program to help us maintain and grow this important resource.

Suggested Donations

$10 - Student

$25 - Friend

$30 - Family

$100 - Sustaining

$500 - Sponsor

$1000 - Patron (includes named cabinet)

Download the museum support form to contribute by check, credit card, or payroll/draft authorization. You can also join by clicking the link below.

Friends of NCSU Insect Museum

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Consider also donating to the NCSU Insect Museum Endowment.