Overseeing the Museum and its growth is the Museum Council (consisting of the curators, museum staff, and associated personnel), which establishes policies and develops the annual program and budget priorities. Our Collection Manager, Bob Blinn has full-time curatorial duties, while Brian Wiegmann serves as acting director.


Bonnie Blaimer

Assistant Professor and Director of the Museum

Lewis L. Deitz

Professor Emeritus, Curator of Hemiptera

Herbert H. Neunzig

Professor Emeritus, Curator of Lepidoptera

Brian M. Wiegmann

Professor, Curator of Diptera and Genome Bank


Museum Staff

Robert L. Blinn

Collection Manager, systematics of Miridae and Reduviidae (Heteroptera)

Museum Associates

James R. Baker

Professor Emeritus, horticultural insects, expertise in systematics of apoid Hymenoptera and Megaloptera

Matt Bertone

Extension Associate, Insect Identification (Plant Disease and Insect Clinic), systematics of Diptera

Brian K. Cassel

Research Technician, Assistant Curator of Genome Bank

Maurice H. Farrier

Professor Emeritus, specialist on soil-inhabiting Mesostigmata (Acarina)

P. Sterling Southern

Professor Emeritus, Systematics of Cicadellidae (Hemiptera)

David L. Stephan

Extension Specialist Emeritus, Curator of Plecoptera and winter Lepidoptera

Graduate Students


Museum Assistants

We are looking for motivated undergraduates to help us in the Museum! Please contact Bob Blinn (email in the footer) for details.

Honorary Curators