POW - Summer Research Credits & FICA

Students in our department often wonder if it would be to their benefit financially to sign up for summer research hours in. In the past, students might save some money by reducing their FICA withholdings on their summer paychecks. The old worksheet formerly presented on this page is being updated at this time. However, you can use the following information to make your own determination of whether you benefit from registering for summer courses.

There are two summer research courses for Entomology graduate students.  These courses run 10 weeks (approx. mid-May through July):

ENT 696 Summer Thesis Research, I credit hour, for M.S. students

ENT 896 Summer Dissertation Research, 1 credit hour, for Ph.D. students

You can sign up for these courses in place of regular courses (or as an alternative to not registering at all).

Check your pay stub for the amount of FICA wages that are deducted monthly. Compare the cost of tuition and fees for summer school registration with the amount of FICA withholding for two months (June-July). If the figure for tuition is less than the total FICA withholding amount, then it *may* be worth not registering. However, remember several important points in making your decision.

  1. FICA is withheld monthly. All tuition and fees are paid at the time of registration during summer session. There is no deferred payment available.
  2. Tuition for students who have not been granted residency is roughly triple that of the in-state rate.
  3. Students who are not registered for summer session are not eligible to use the student health services unless they pay a non-refundable fee or their assistantship appointment is valid through the summer.