Cohen, Allen

Research Professor

Program area: 

Insect Rearing Education and Research

Dr. Allen Cohen840 Method Road, Unit 2 Raleigh, NC 27607  Campus Box 7634

Insect Rearing Education and Research Program Website


BA, English, California State University, Fullerton (CSUF)
MA, English, CSUF
MA, Biology, CSUF
Ph.D. Entomology, University of California, Riverside (1978)
Post Doc, University of Arizona (1979-80)


We do research on insect rearing systems. Our basic premise is that successful rearing systems depend on our understanding and providing all the physical, nutritional, and biological needs of the target insect. Our first premise is, therefore, “know your insect.”  Therefore, our research includes studies of feeding biology (nutrition, mouthpart and digestive system structure and function), reproductive biology, metabolism, ecology, genetics, and microbial interactions.  We also recognize the importance of integrating our knowledge of rearing system components in a multidisciplinary approach, so we conduct interdisciplinary projects in food science, analytical biochemistry, molecular genetics, engineering, microbiology, bio-manufacturing, plant pathology, and other disciplines related to rearing science and technology. The Insect Rearing Education and Research Program includes: Courses and degree specialization in rearing Research on development and improvement of rearing Forest Entomology(Hain) Development of diagnostic strategies for problem-solving in genetics, dietetics, pathology, environments, & other    potential aspects of rearing system failure.


Teaching Responsibilities: Graduate Seminar in Insect Rearing (ENT 601/801) Insect Rearing Science and Technology (ENT 591, ENT 791) ENT 503 (Part of teaching team)