Invasive Interactions: Mosquito Ecology and Disease in a Modern World

Michael Reiskind

 3:00 PM 101 Clark Hall


One of the greatest threats to global public health comes from infectious diseases transmitted by mosquitoes.  Many factors determine the extent of this risk, and the ecological forces that regulate or limit individual mosquito growth and survival and population growth are some of the most critical.  Mosquitoes interact with their environment in a variety of ways, and in this talk I focus on the importance of interactions between invasive species, especially invasive mosquito species and invasive plants.  I describe my investigations on these interactions at a variety of scales, from global to the level of individual mosquito larval habitats.  I suggest these interactions are important in formulating our best approaches to controlling mosquitoes and the infectious diseases they transmit.  I also present future plans for studies on mosquito ecology and infectious disease.