Orr, David

Associate Professor

Program area: 

Biological Control in Field Crops

2104 Gardner Hall


My research activities have focused on applied efforts in biological control, specifically the use of arthropod natural enemies for pest management, and especially on organic farms. I have an interest in the development and promotion of economical and practical habitat that serves the needs of multiple organisms (e.g. predatory and parasitic insects, seed predators, farmland wildlife, pollinators), and provides for multiple ecological services and aesthetics. I also have a fondness for egg parasitoids of insects, such as trichogrammatids and scelionids.


In addition to guest lectures in a variety of classes, I offer the following courses as either in-class or distance education:

ENT 212 (Basic Entomology)

ENT425 (General Entomology)

ENT 526 (Organic Production: Principles and Practices)

ENT 601/801 Seminars in:     Insect Pathology/Biological Control (with Wes Watson)       Teaching Techniques (with Clyde Sorenson)

ENT 726 (Biological Control)

PP/ENT 727 (Ecology of Soil Ecosystems)


I interact with small farm owners, organic growers, Master Gardeners, and others to extend information about biological control. I maintain the following website and blog to help deliver this information:

Biological Control Information Center

Beneficial Bug Blog