Entomology Faculty

Bertone, Matt

Insect Identification and Systematics

matt_bertone@ncsu.edu 919.515.9530
Brandenburg, Rick

Commercial Turf and Peanuts

rick_brandenburg@ncsu.edu 919.515.8876
Burrack, Hannah J.

Applied Insect Ecology and Management in Field and Horticultural Crops

hannah_burrack@ncsu.edu 919.513.4344
Cohen, Allen

Insect Rearing Education and Research

accohen@ncsu.edu 919.513.0576
Driscoll, Elizabeth

4-H Entomology

liz_driscoll@ncsu.edu 919.513.7346
Frank, Steven D.

Ecology and Management of Greenhouse, Nursery, and Landscape Pests; Effects of Urbanization and Climate Change on Tree Pests and Tree Health; Ecology of Native Pollinators

steven_frank@ncsu.edu 919.515.8880
Gould, Fred

Insect Ecology and Evolution

fred_gould@ncsu.edu 919.515.1647
Groot, Astrid T.

Evolutionary chemical ecology

Kennedy, George, G.

Ecology Management Affecting Agricultural Crops

george_kennedy@ncsu.edu 919.515.1655
Lorenzen, Marcé

Genetic Pest Management

marce_lorenzen@ncsu.edu 919.513.7857
Meyer, John

Undergraduate and Post Graduate Instruction

john_meyer@ncsu.edu 919.515.1659
Orr, David

Biological Control in Field Crops

david_orr@ncsu.edu 919.515.4684
Reisig, Dominic

Applied Insect Ecology and IPM of Field Crops

ddreisig "at" ncsu.edu 252.793.4428
Reiskind, Michael H.

Public Health Entomology

Michael_Reiskind@ncsu.edu 919.515.0719
Roe, R. Michael

Insect Toxicology and Physiological Genomics

michael_roe@ncsu.edu 919.515.4325
Schal, Coby

Urban Entomology, Insect Behavior, Chemical Ecology, Insect Physiology

coby@ncsu.edu 919.515.1821
Scott, Max J.

Genetic Pest Management

max_scott@ncsu.edu 919.515.0275
Silverman, Jules

Urban Entomology, Insect Behavior, Nutritional Ecology

jules_silverman@ncsu.edu 919.513.2468
Sorenson, Clyde

Undergraduate and Graduate Teaching, Field Crops Entomology

clyde_sorenson@ncsu.edu 919.515.8427
Tarpy, David R.

Honey bee biology

david_tarpy@ncsu.edu 919.515.1660
Waldvogel, Michael

Urban Entomology

mike_waldvogel@ncsu.edu 919.515.8881
Walgenbach, Jim

Applied Insect Ecology and Pest Management

jim_walgenbach@ncsu.edu 828.684.3562
Watson, Wes

Medical and Veterinary Entomology

wes_watson@ncsu.edu 919.513.2028
Wiegmann, Brian

Systematics, Phylogenomics, Evolutionary Biology

brian_wiegmann@ncsu.edu 919.515.1653