Emeritus/Retired Faculty

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Axtell, Richard

Medical & Veterinary

richard_axtell@ncsu.edu 919.787.1321
Apperson, Charles

Public Health Entomology and Vector Biology

apperson@ncsu.edu 919.515.4326
Bacheler, Jack S.

Cotton Pest Management

jack_bacheler@ncsu.edu 919.333.0766
Baker, James R.


jrbaker8517@aol.com 919.362.1044
Bambara, Stephen

Home ornamentals & turf IPM, stored grains, forage crops, 4-H entomology

Bradley, J. R.

Arthropods associated with corn, cotton, and soybeans

jrbugsbradley@gmail.com 919.545.9858
Brooks, Wayne

Insect Pathology

wayne_brooks@ncsu.edu 919.851.7997
Campbell, William

Arthropod Pest Management - Peanuts

williamvcampbell@aol.com 919.787.1933
Deitz, Lewis L.

Systematics of Treehoppers and Related Groups

lewis_deitz@ncsu.edu 919.515.7441
Farrier, Maurice

Systematics - Acarina

Hain, Fred

Forest Entomology

Harper, James


james_harper@ncsu.edu 919.515.0405
Hillmann, Ruediger C.

Urban, Household and Wood Destroying Pests, 4H Entomology

rchillman@aol.com 919.772.3134
Moore, Harry

Urban Entomology

hmoore14@nc.rr.com 919.851.3144
Neunzig, Herbert


Robertson, Robert

IPM Field Crops, Turf and Ornamentals

rlr1925@yahoo.com 336.372.5316
Sorensen, Kenneth

Fruit and Vegetable IPM

kenneth_sorensen@ncsu.edu 919.362.6617
Southern, Sterling

Tobacco IPM

sterling_southern@ncsu.edu 919.515.2748
Stephan, David

Systematics, Insect Identification

david_stephan@ncsu.edu 919.515.6825
Stinner, Ron

Integrated Pest Management

ron.stinner@gmail.com 919-270-942
Stringham, Mike

Confined Livestock and Poultry Pest Management

Toth, Stephen J.

Insect Pest Management

steve_toth@ncsu.edu 919.561.1997
Van Duyn, John

Field Crop IPM

John_vanduyn@ncsu.edu 252.482.8185
Wright, Charles G.

Urban and Industrial Pests

charles_wright@ncsu.edu 919.787.1811