Entomology Faculty

Wiegmann, Brian

Systematics, Phylogenomics, Evolutionary Biology

Watson, Wes

Medical and Veterinary Entomology

Walgenbach, Jim

Applied Insect Ecology and Pest Management

Waldvogel, Michael

Urban Entomology

Tarpy, David R.

Honey bee biology

Sorenson, Clyde

Undergraduate and Graduate Teaching, Field Crops Entomology

Silverman, Jules

Urban Entomology, Insect Behavior, Nutritional Ecology

Scott, Max J.

Genetic Pest Management

Schal, Coby

Urban Entomology, Insect Behavior, Chemical Ecology, Insect Physiology

Roe, R. Michael

Insect Toxicology and Physiological Genomics

Reiskind, Michael H.

Public Health Entomology

Reisig, Dominic

Applied Insect Ecology and IPM of Field Crops

Orr, David

Biological Control in Field Crops

Meyer, John

Undergraduate and Post Graduate Instruction

Lorenzen, Marcé

Genetic Pest Management

Kennedy, George, G.

Ecology Management Affecting Agricultural Crops

Groot, Astrid T.

Evolutionary chemical ecology

Gould, Fred

Insect Ecology and Evolution

Frank, Steven D.

Ecology and Management of Greenhouse, Nursery, and Landscape Pests; Effects of Urbanization and Climate Change on Tree Pests and Tree Health; Ecology of Native Pollinators

Driscoll, Elizabeth

4-H Entomology

Cohen, Allen

Insect Rearing Education and Research

Burrack, Hannah J.

Applied Insect Ecology and Management in Field and Horticultural Crops

Brandenburg, Rick

Commercial Turf and Peanuts

Bertone, Matt

Insect Identification and Systematics